24 Hr DEMO Call Reminder Script

INSTRUCTIONS : (Script is below in gray sections) 

  1. Have DEMO CALENDAR pulled up in a separate browser tab

  2. Call LEAD @ required time

  3. IF connected/reached, go through the appropriate script below.

  4. IF NOT connected on FIRST try, hang up and “Call Right Back” and go through script IF connected on the second call, IF NOT connected, then LEAVE this Voicemail:

  1. (For REMINDER Call) “Hi [LEAD’S NAME], this is [YOUR NAME] with LoKation Marketing . I am calling to remind you of your scheduled DEMO call with Steve in 24 Hours on [DATE & Time] . ”

     THEN, send this TEXT message:

[LEADS NAME], I just left a VM to remind you about the DEMO Call appt you scheduled with Steve in 24 Hours on [DATE & Time]. Is that STILL good for you?

  1. Then call back in 1 HOUR and try to connect with them.  IF no answer, call “right back”, and go through the appropriate script IF connected. IF NOT, hang up.

  2. IF they NEED TO RESCHEDULE / CANCEL: Watch video link below to see HOW TO reschedule/cancel appt.


24 Hours BEFORE Appt Script


YOU: “Hi [LEAD’s FIRST NAME], this is [YOUR FIRST NAME] from Lokation Marketing. I’m calling to remind you about your appointment for an DEMO Call with Steve scheduled in 24 hours @ [SCHEDULED TIME in their timezone]  . Is that time still good for you?”






YOU: “Great, this call will take place via a ZOOM Video Call and it's best if you connect via your computer or tablet. Instructions to connect have been sent to your email @ [CONFIRM their email that's in database].  Have a great day.”



YOU: “OK, let’s get you rescheduled.”


THEN [PULL UP Steve’s DEMO CALENDAR within the dashboard and YOU reschedule lead and then CANCEL their existing appt]