You Pay For Pre-QUALIFIED Calls - That's All.

Our team builds ever-green, inexpensive assets that have zero risk, takes 1/4th the time to rank and are virtually impossible to take down. We maximize every visitor, using identity resolution to provide more for less.

How Does It Work?

We Identify The HIGHEST QUALITY Sources Of Traffic

We Identify The Holy Grail Of Traffic

We combine over 10,000 micro-keywords to create the Holy Grail of customer acquisition, as you can intersect buyers at the peak of their buyer journey.

We Rank Traffic Faster & Safer

Using a combination of GPT-3 and real-time analytics, we are able to build up to 45,000 optimized assets that Google absolutely loves.

We Utilize 100% Of Incoming Traffic

Using Identify Resolution, we can identify the average 83% of “Dead-Traffic” to save and convert on average 40% of these visitors into qualified calls.

We Are 100% Performance Based

Our clients only pay for the calls we generate. All calls are generated via our inbound call center and directed by warm transfer to the client exclusively.

Increasing Call Volume While Decreasing YOUR Costs

We generate up to 3X the amount of calls than our competitors WITHOUT extra cost.
Enjoy MORE benefits while you pay LESS.
To ensure the best results, we ONLY work with one client per industry per market area.

We Do All Of This . . . .

WITHOUT waiting 6 -12 months for sites to rank high

WITHOUT risking being penalized by Google

WITHOUT building assets and guessing

Within 5 days we can create over 45,000 quality assets bringing in 16,000 visitors.

'Roof Repair Inquiries'

2,057 calls generated

“We rank for the highest quality search terms within days, while creating an evergreen asset that can never be removed”

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