60 Home Contractor Leads

Client Intro

A home contractor was finding it hard to attain leads through his Facebook Ad efforts. Read about how we took the reins and managed to draw in a substantial amount of leads while staying within a limited advertising budget.

The Challenge

To bring in B2B leads/scheduled calls at a Cost Per Lead under $100 with winning audiences and assets.

The Process

To drive the results we wanted to see, we:

  •        Initiated a TOF campaign with 3 ad sets through extensive research and experience.
  •        Started with a daily ad spend budget of $30, gradually increasing it to $40 per day.
  •        Made use of 8 different creatives and 4 varying ad copies.

The Results

Here is what we achieved for the client:

  •         60 leads/scheduled calls in all
  •         A Cost Per Lead of $48.54, less than half of the initial target of $100
  •         2 out of 3 ad sets that ended up performing well
  •         2 winning creatives and 2 winning ad copies

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